What is the Gospel?

    The gospel is the good news of salvation from God’s just judgment against sin through the sacrificial death and perfect righteousness of Christ.  

    This gospel message begins with God.  As the Creator of all things, he is holy: he is set apart from all of creation, worthy of all worship, and by nature intolerant of sin.  The holiness of God presents a problem for humans.  As a result of the fall, all humans have become sinful by nature.  This makes us alienated from a holy God and subject to his just judgment against our sin.  The remedy to this problem is the great message of the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ.  He is truly God and truly man, perfect in righteousness, sent by the Father to rescue his people from judgment against sin.  He did this by means of a glorious dual exchange: he took upon himself the penalty of death that our sin deserved, and he credited to us the perfect righteousness that he himself attained.  This act of salvation is given as an undeserved gift to those who receive it in true and humble faith.  Therefore, God assures us that everyone who repents of their sins and receives Christ in true faith will be saved, dwelling forever with him in a state of inexpressible joy and unsearchable riches.  

    This good news of salvation, then, is by grace alone through faith in Christ alone to the glory of God alone.